Lors du budget 2018. Le gouvernement du Québec a annoncé la prolongation de son crédit d'impôt pour rénovations. Un crédit d'impôt permettant le remboursement de 20% des dépenses de rénovations reconnus.
Vos travaux de toiture pourraient être admissibles! Appelez-nous!

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“Our flat roofs of our buildings have been done in elastomeric membrane elastomeric by Couvreur Lapointe and were executed effectively and professionally. We enjoyed the collaboration of the entire team from beginning to end, including Mr. George Lapointe and their foreman Stephen.”

Danielle Levasseur & Roger Bertrand, Montréal, aout 2014
“Monday, April 15, 2013 the team of Couvreur Lapointe was home to redo my roof. As I'm off on Monday’s I could supervise the work. To my great pleasure I can say that the worker’s who came to my house were men of experience. I want to congratulate your company because I am completely satisfied with the work. I should also mention that the team Couvreur Lapointe had rebuilt my roof, in the past, there is now 17 years and I've never had any problems and this is the reason why I still deal with this company to redo my roof. So I want to thank you for your professional work and be sure that I will be proud to recommend your company to anyone.”

Éric Delerive, Laval
“We want to thank you for the work done at our home last week. From the start, we were in trust with Mr. Charbonneau. Everything was clear and also the prices offered were competitive. We  trust him in choosing the color of the roof and the result is beautiful! the delays have been  respected .. and also Mr. Charbonneau has always returned our calls promptly. During the work, workers were professionals. I was working at home and I do not have been siturbed ar all at all disturbed. The end result is very successful, our house has enhanced its appearance. Thank you for everything!”

The Tessier family, May 6, 2013
“We appreciated the implementation of operations, from beginning to end of work. Workers have demonstrated teamwork. Everything was done according to the rules of art and sharing. The contractor has good facilities. Note that a complete cleaning of the property was completed at the end of the day. My wife and I recommend Couvreur Lapointe inc.”

By Denise & Denis Robitaille, october 2009
“For several years we trust Couvreur Lapointe to maintain the coverage of our buildings apartments. We are always completely satisfied with their professionalism and quality of their work.”

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